Full Stack Development

Astra’s Full Stack development service will take care of the entire front-end and back-end development, ensuring you a finished product that is swiftly ready to go with zero compatibility issues. Our team with real-time expertise is passionate to take up new challenges and deliver the technical solution to meet your requirements and assure your vision is made a reality.

We provide the best development team to integrate easily with your in-house team for efficient workflow or can work as a separate extension to your business:

QA & Testing

As the speed and scalability of IT development escalates and increased user-demands require faster response times and throughput, end-to-end performance and load testing has become a de-facto critical component of competent IT development.

We understand that organizations are confronted with the challenge of developing cutting-edge technologies able to withstand peak usage while delivering unwavering functionality and responsiveness to the end user. With today’s unpredictable yet exciting IT possibilities, Astra offers expert assessment in QA and Testing that ensures our clients’ IT implementation function regardless of the stress or burden placed on them.

With reduced risk of business loss and productivity, and increased performance benchmarks, our clients now can enjoy the key benefits of a robust and tested framework of enterprise-level networked applications that boast maximum performance, stability, and durability–required by today’s ever-accelerating IT and business environment.

Migration & Modernization: The Digital Transformation.

Automate Your Planning

Rapidly build application move groups around your program criteria, such as technical debt, data center exit, transformation risk, complexity, or route to the cloud.

We calculate resource effort and other program costs and generate migration schedules.

The Science-Based Advantage

Astra’s unique algorithmic scoring helps you to understand the risk, complexity and benefit of each application’s transformation assessed against the 7Rs. Measure your applications against a known benchmark and feel confident in your transformations.

A Faster Way To Run Cloud Migration

At every stage in the cloud migration process, Astra reduces effort and minimises re-work through greater accuracy.

Combine data from first-generation discovery tools or CMDBs and capture data from application SMEs. Get to the cloud faster with automated production of resource effort and schedules, application assessment reports and cloud adoption plans in PDF and Word format.

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